Skewers tavern Tensho



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Beer, sake, shochu, wines


Counter 7 seats
parlor (small rise) 18 seats

The average budget

[Night] to 3000 yen


The genuine Osaka-style skewers that twice dipping is prohibited! Choose your favorite one out of 40 kinds of stocks, and eat it after dipping on the source neatly. Please refrain from dipping it twice, because the source is sharing between customers. In addition, cabbage appetizers refills are free.
Besides, we have seafood sent direct from Himi beach, the best horsemeat yukke (raw meat) sent direct from Kumamoto, salted soup mothu-nabe Tensho proud of, a homemade cream cheese that is popular for women. It is the suitable tavern for the group banquet and one person also.

Menu example

Sakura Yukke 880 yen
500 yen Wings of TakashiEmi
tipsy set 1000 yen

Basic information

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935-0016 Toyama Prefecture Himi Honcho 1-3 Yamato building 1F
[TEL] 050-3468-2168
18: 00 ~ 1: 30 ( LO1: 00)
[regular holiday] Sunday

Credit cards are accepted